Leadership Prayer Breakfast

On April 17 the annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast was held in Greeley.
There was a large turnout of people from the area. The speaker was
interesting and excited about his work. His mission is to bring Jews,
Muslims and Christians together. He said hat they should all just follow
Jesus, who was a kind, caring man, interested in helping people. He
stressed His humanity, not calling Him Lord and not speaking of the
atonement of the cross.
The problem is that this is not the Jesus of the Bible, the historic
Jesus, as recorded in the four Gospels. There Jesus claims that to see
Him is to see God (John 14:6), that He was eternal and had come from
Heaven. He said that unless you believed His claims you would die in your
sins (John 8:24). The Jews recognized His claims, accused Him of
blasphemy and condemned Him to death. Jesus also said He would die on the
cross for the sins of the world and rise again the third day. His
resurrection validated all of His claims (Rom. 1:4). Believers have
proclaimed these historic facts throughout the world (1 Cor. 15:1-4).
Muslims and Jews deny both His deity and the atonement of the cross. When
the historic Jesus is proclaimed He divides people. Either you believe
and accept Him or reject Him. But do not misrepresent Jesus. He claimed
to be God, performed amazing miracles to prove it, died on the cross for
our sins and rose again. This is what Christians believe. Read the four
Gospels and become a believer!
Donald Norbie

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