Superhighway from Mexico to Canada underway

By Jim Frazier,
For the Greeley Gazette

A superhighway connecting Mexico to Canada is underway. Land rights are being acquired and engineering plans developed for a 10 lane highway in a 1200 foot-wide corridor that includes segments of Interstate 35. The first ‘customs stop’ is not at the border, but in Kansas City at a hub constructed with $3 million of US taxpayer dollars. From this hub in the heart of the United States, cargo can be transferred and re-directed to east-west routes.

The US Department of Transportation provided $2.5 million for planning. The superhighway is to be built and operated by a company from Spain.  The billions of dollars needed are to be provided by  Cintra Concessions de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A. of Spain.  Plans indicate that the superhighway will be privately operated and leased to the Cintra consortium as a toll-road.

   The non-profit organization now planning the highway is called NASCO –  North America’s Super-Corridor Coalition.  Dubbed the “NAFTA Highway” by opponents, the project has faced opposition from the Teamsters Union. As a ‘private-public partnership’ many details of the coalition are not available to the public.

  The plan creates high speed express lanes for Mexican trucks which may bring containers from the Far East into the heart of the USA without involvement of any union workers at the Mexican shipping docks, or in the trucks.

Over the last few years, during President George W. Bush’s administration, numerous government agencies denied that plans existed.  Bush made no announcements or speeches about the plan, and Congress did not discus, debate or vote on the plan.

To see maps and watch videos produced by the organization go to their website:

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