Murder for Hire

Christian Stanley Hanson

Weld County Investigators learned in the past week than an adult male, Christopher Hanson, age 21, of Greeley, who is currently in custody, was in the process of soliciting someone to hire to murder a witness/victim of two earlier filed criminal cases. One of the earlier cases was a homicide case and the other was a kidnapping and sexual assault case where the potential victim of the murder for hire was the victim of the kidnapping and sexual assault.  Undercover officers met with Jesse Rodriguez, age 19, of Greeley, to finalize details at which time he was arrested on charges of solicitation, attempted first degree murder and conspiracy.  Hanson was charged with same charges.  Hanson currently has bond set in the kidnapping and sexual assault case of $250,000 and three million on the murder for hire charges.  Rodriguez has bond set at two million on the murder for hire charges.

Jesse Rodriguez

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