Summit’s two week summer worldview conferences.

By David Nobel

President of Summit Ministries

By the time you read this we will be well into Summit’s two week summer worldview conferences. In fact, I am writing this the day after we graduated 111 students from our first session. Believe me when I say graduation is not easy for the simple reason that I hate to say good-bye to students after living with and teaching them for two weeks. Two of this session’s students had just returned from Iraq as soldiers in the U. S. Army, and their presence (along with two other military oriented students) gave this class a distinct touch of reality.

To say that I love these future leaders of our nation, churches, families, schools, businesses, media, etc., would be an understatement. I also know that you, our Journal readers, wish them the best for their lives in whatever station they find themselves.

This month I would like to emphasize a specific part of our vision for the Summit so there is no mistake about why we exist. I would also like to alert you about an upcoming book that is mentioned elsewhere in this issue.

Our graduates understand our core teaching that there are six “evangelistic” worldviews vying for the attention and allegiance of Western civilization in particular, but also the whole world in general. They are Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism, New Age, and Postmodernism. These six define the collision of worldviews in the West, and as Western Christians we are certainly aware that we are fast approaching a post-Christian era.

Understanding this, however, makes it no easier for Christian young people to cope with the anti-Christian curricula they encounter from kindergarten through graduate school. Our concern is whether they are prepared to live through it or fall under it and lose their faith in the process.

The fact that the President of the United States would hire a flaming homosexual like Kevin Jennings to take a position that involves innocent, naïve public school boys and girls is proof that the “child molestation” mentality goes all the way to the top. It was Jennings who wrote the introduction to the book Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling. There is no shame in this socialistic, pro-sodomite administration. It’s hard to remember that at one time the Democratic Party (my father’s party) was anti-socialistic and anti-homosexual!

How the times have changed. Let me reiterate: At the Summit our primary goal is to make sure Christian young people understand their own worldview, are able to defend it lovingly but courageously, and hence are prepared to witness for Christ amongst a deceived generation—one that believes truth is relative, morals are more so, and the universe somehow just happened by chance while their ancestors were conceived out of foamy, blue-green algae pond scum. This is the atmosphere Christian students encounter every semester, but it is our mission to help them not only survive, but triumph through it all.

Now to the announcement I mentioned earlier. While some Journal readers may not be convinced that Communism, socialism, collectivism, statism, or progressivism (it goes by many names) is again emerging as a major threat, it is my responsibility to inform you that it is! Marxism has a grip on our national government, our public education system, and Hollywood entertainment that few are willing to admit.

Thankfully, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Aaron Klein, and Brenda Elliott know it and are not afraid to address the problem. If you are not convinced that this is true, I hope our latest book (coming soon) will convince you. Its title is You Can Still Trust the Communists (to Be Communists). It’s nearly 400 pages summarize the Communist worldview from not only my viewpoint today but also from the viewpoint of the late Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, who penned the original You Can Trust the Communists (to Be Communists) back in 1960. I have maintained Dr. Schwarz’s original chapters and added four new chapters developed from his papers. I added suggestions for further study at the ends of his chapters.

The rest of the work is mine, so you’ll know exactly with whom to agree or not.

You’ll also notice rather quickly that I have used a quotation from Whittaker Chambers’ great work Witness to launch this study. You Can Still Trust the Communists is a study in the true sense of the word. It contains worldview material, history, philosophy, economics, theology, and enough information to convince most unbiased citizens that Communism (with a small “c” or a large “C”) is a major problem confronting the evangelical Christian church not only today but also into the foreseeable future. Dr. Tim LaHaye, Dr. Norman Geisler, and Phyllis Schlafly have graciously agreed to endorse this work.

It will be available through the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade at P. O. Box 129, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 and through the Summit Ministries web store at Summit. org. Dr. Fred Schwarz’s son, Dr. John Schwarz, is president of the Australian AIDS Foundation, which is working in Africa to take care of those left destitute due to the AIDS epidemic. Therefore, a portion of the $17.95 cost of each book will go that ministry.

Anyone interested in helping with the distribution of You Can Still Trust the Communists (to Be Communists) may contact us at the above address or email us at

Suggestions as to how to distribute the book, place it in the book trade, or effectively advertise it are also welcomed.

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  1. odysseus says:

    I love the irony: we’re fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, and we’re creating more Taliban here in Greeley.

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