The Liberal Love Affair with Radical Islam

Guest Column
By Thanye Doak

Why does the Left love radical Islam? Why do they so fiercely defend their terrorist activities as those of “freedom fighters”? To be sure, the American Left has a long and at times tortuous history of moral and even material support of some of the most reprehensible and brutal dictators, despots, thugs and “freedom fighters” in modern times. To better understand this I will employ the Core/Periphery model. Simply speaking, geopolitics is broken down into two categories : the Core refers to a states vital and uncompromising interests, whereas, the Periphery represents lesser considerations and, as such, comprises negotiable interests and concerns.
When Lenin and his Bolsheviks swept into power in 1917, the Left was captivated, but then fell strangely silent as he embarked upon a civil war to cleanse the new Soviet of any and all “counter revolutionaries.” The ensuing conflagration left over a million intellectuals, professionals and Tsarists dead and established a policy of purges that would become the modis operandi of his successor, Josef “Koba” Stalin. When Stalin replaced Lenin as the new strongman in Russia the American Left settled into a predictable pattern of apology for his ruthlessness and brutality. During the Allies war conferences at Tehran and Yalta FDR was heard to affectionately refer to Stalin as “Uncle Joe.” FDR even went so far as to staff the State Department with suspected Communist sympathizers. The most notable, a member of FDR’s personal staff at Yalta, Alger Hiss, was later indicted and tried as a Communist spy and subsequently convicted of perjury.
Adolf Hitler was also viewed favorably by the establishment Left in America. His Nationalist brand of Socialism was touted as having brought Germany back from the brink of economic ruin inflicted upon it by the crippling war reparations meted out at Versailles. As a matter of fact, no less of a historic personage than the American Ambassador to Britain, Joseph Kennedy spoke of Hitler in glowing terms to the Roosevelt Administration and a swooning Left. That was until Hitler betrayed the Nazi-U.S.S.R. Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 with his invasion of Mother Russia in 1941. Suddenly Hitler was a “Right-Wing fanatic”, and thus began the methodical and sustained revision by the academic Left of one of histories most mischaracterized socio/political movements. FDR then pumped millions of tons of war material and munitions into the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease to aid in Stalin’s defense against the Nazis. After WWII those same tanks, aircraft and navies were used by Stalin to subjugate what later became known as the Eastern Bloc of Europe.
As America basked in the warm glow of post-war triumphalism the spreading Communist International saw the emergence of a new wave of Socialist despots, dictators and self-proclaimed enemies of the United States: Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sun, Fidel Castro (and his hired thug Che Guevara), Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and most recently Kim Jong Il. All are celebrated by the Left as “Progressives.” Interestingly enough that is the same moniker adopted by the Left in America today, but I digress.
We now come to the matter of the Left’s blossoming (and for most, baffling) love affair with radical Islam. Peripherally the two have absolutely nothing in common. The Left embraces and celebrates homosexuality, gay marriage, gay adoption, sex, drugs and rock & roll and are reflexively secular in their stand on the issues surrounding church and state. In fact, it has become a predictable matter of course and liberal tradition that come every Christmas the Lefts’ rabid bulldogs, the ACLU, are dispatched by their masters to wage war on defenseless Nativity scenes across the country. In sharp contrast, Shariah law expressly forbids pre-marital sex, drug and alcohol consumption, has absolutely no tolerance for homosexuality-in any form, and insists that church and state are inseparable. But at their core, the Left and radical Islam have one abiding and inviolable common interest and goal: the complete and systematic dismantling of American exceptionalism abroad and its free-market Capitalism, religious pluralism and cultural individualism at home.
Prior to the attacks on New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania on September 11th, 2001, the Left regarded Middle-East tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Moammar Quadafi, Yasser Arafat, and the Ayatollah Khomeini as two bit thugs and lesser players on the geopolitical stage. Now the new darling of the establishment Left is Iran’s Holocaust denying, Israel hating, neo-fascist megalomaniac President Mahmoud Ahmadinijad. For the first time in modern history the American Left and radical Islam see an opportunity to realize their mutual life-long goal of bringing America its knees. However, using radical Islam to accomplish its stated goal of the “fundamental transformation” of America brings with it some inherent dangers: should Shariah law be imposed upon the American judicial system, as is the stated goal of the Islamists, the secular Left will suddenly become the target of an extreme orthodoxy that is uncompromising and unyielding in its adjudication and dispensation of justice. Increasingly timid and indecisive in the deepening malaise of our political correctness the rest of America will become collateral damage to this ill-conceived marriage, and the world will have lost its one and only bulwark against the pitiless malice of tyranny.
The Left’s long history of apologizing for totalitarianism and its wantonly unapologetic practitioners is laid bare for all to see. It is also obvious that there are many who practice a peaceful and benign form of Islam that harbors no ill will towards America and the West and are equally horrified by the atrocities committed in its name. Unfortunately, one must dig through a seemingly endless pile of rubble and bodies in order to find them.
Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows, but such unions of duplicitous convenience always come at a price… and I fear the cost of this one will be all too dear for us to bear.

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10 Responses to The Liberal Love Affair with Radical Islam

  1. HistorianDude says:

    Islam is a conservative, right-wing ideology.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    It has more in common with American social conservatism than any other set of beliefs on the planet. It is deeply anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-secular, pro “family values” and antagonistic to the concept of separation of church and state. Radical Islamists want to fight off the same forces of western modernity that American Christian extremists do. At the UN, we see Islamic nations, the Catholic Church and Protestant fundamentalists on the same side in the matters of science and society, modernity and secularism.

    So it is doubly ironic to watch Thanye Doak foam about some imaginary “love affair” between radical Islam and liberalism when in point of fact liberalism would be the first victom of any Islamic state… and liberals know this. It is difficult to avoid the perception that conservatives like Doak feel so deeply compelled to poison the well of reasonable debate not because they really believe there is such an alliance, but because the genuine position is so dishonorable, so hypocritical that they cannot look themselves in the mirror.

    After 9/11 I studied Islam in depth. I read the Qur’an three times, studied the Hadith and biographies of Muhammad, debated Muslims on their own fora. I have exactly nothing good to say about Islam and consider to to be one of the great disasters of human history.

    But Islam is not an existential threat to our nation. During the run-up to WWII, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek observed that the Japanese were, to China, a disease of the skin while Chinese Communists were a disease of the heart. History proved him exactly correct.

    Islam is to our nation a disease of the skin. The conservatives like Doak, though, who would cavalierly trash the Constitution simply out of unleavened religious hatred? At that point were are describing a disease of the heart.

  2. greeleygirl says:

    Has anyone seen the news story on FOX news, you won’t see it anywhere else, about the Muslim woman who has a law case against Disney land because they won’t let her wear her head scarf? She says it is her freedom of religion……..Do you see any staff at Disneyland who are cast characters wearing their Jewish caps, Christian crosses? NOPE……….But she thinks that she deserves to be treated differently……………..Well baby, I got news for you…. If you don’t like it here, GET OUT………….

  3. odysseus says:

    if the people that run this newsletter had brains, they’d be as dangerous as the taliban.

  4. bob says:

    Adolf Hitler was also viewed favorably by the establishment Left in America. His Nationalist brand of Socialism was touted as having brought Germany back from the brink of economic ruin inflicted upon it by the crippling war reparations meted out at Versailles

    While Joe Kennedy may have been a bit of a fan of Hitler the American left was fighting Hitler from the start. Remember the Lincoln Brigades in the Spanish Civil war? Lefties gone to fight right wind fascism?

    just doesn’t know his facts.

  5. libertarian says:

    This guy just makes statements without any evidence to support his wildly wrong conclusions.
    Give us examples of the lefts support for Hitler or stop making crap up.

  6. jack says:

    Maybe he should be know as the Plain Dork?

  7. rustygecko says:

    I am sorry but your knowledge of history is poor. This is to be understood as you are American, and you have never been good at that stuff. Hitler was not supported by the left, but was supported by the Right, who later rejected him.

    The left supported Stalin who was just as bad as Hitler.

    You do however have an interesting point about the American Left supporting Islam. However, again because of American myopia you do not see the true problem. It is not just the US left that is supporting Islam it is all of the left all across the western world, even left of centre groups who hate the US are happy to stand alongside radical Islam.

    The reason? I do not know. I have asked loads of left wing supporters and none has managed to give and answer. I suspect they confuse dislike of Islam with racism, but I cannot be sure.

  8. Thayne Doak says:

    To all of the readers who were kind enough to read my column “The Liberal Love Affair with Radical Islam” I want to say “Thank You” and for the readers who took the time to respond and leave a comment I want to say “Thank You Very Much!”
    I am very encouraged by the level of thought put into some of the responses, as they reveal-and validate- a key assertion that I made (and stand by unflinchingly) about the misrepresentation and mischaracterization of Hitler and the National Socialist Party that he created and led leading up to WWII and throughout Germany’s involvment in the global conflict. It is true that history has attempted to conflate Nazism with conservatism, but the inconvenient truth is that Hitler viewed free market capitalism with just as much disdain and contempt as did his more radical Leftists counterparts in the Soviet. Most will profer, as their proof that Hitler was an extreme Right Wing fanatic, was his persecution of Communists. Yet, one of the most prolific serial murderers of Communists was Stalin himself. The Purges he instituted in the early and mid 30’s liquidated hundreds of thousands of his fellow Cummunists, and for the very same reason Hitler did: they threatened to sway public opinion against him, or in Stalins case, reveal to the Russian people the fragility of Stalin’s Soviet super-structure which was erected upon an edifice of elitism and corruption at the highest levels of government. Not only did Hitler embrace the basic tenents of Socialism, but he recognized that- in order to prosecute a long-term military campaign on several fronts, one needed the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing to remain at optimum levels, or risk losing an arms race to the Allies, which he eventually did, but only because Stalin and his beloved Workeres of the World were being subsidized through Lend-Lease to the tune of millions of tons of war material manufactured and shipped to them from the United States. Had Hitler followed the Soviet model of expropriation and ownership of Russian private manufacturing and industry, he could have never mustered the equipment and resources necessary to invade the Soviet Union in 1941. Simply put, had we not supplied Stalin with the resources that he so sorely needed to prop up his flacid military industrial complex and its tepid manufacturing output , Hitler would have encountered little to no resistance in over-running Communist defenses on his way to occupying Moscow.
    Certainly Stalin has never been accused of being a capitalist, yet he gladly did millions of dollars in business with the Roosevelt Administration in securing Lend-Lease protection and guarantees throughout the war.
    My recommendation to anyone who clings to the oft repeated lie that Hitler was a Christian Conservative is to simply read “Mein Kampf”. Also, please read the 25 point plan by the Nazi Party, which later became their parties political platform. Anyone with any understanding of macroeconomics would be hard pressed to say that it was inspired by Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” or a treatise by John Lott.

    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler

    (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

  9. Craig Driver says:

    And that is exactly the way it was dear Leftist’s, like it or not. Oh, and Rustygecko, your elitism is showing. We American’s are not as stupid as you think.

  10. Truth says:

    @ Historiandude t

    “Islam is not an existential threat to our nation.”

    REALLY???? How convenient for you to leave the RADICAL out of it, hmm? I can only guess that to you 9-11 was either a fluke or an inside job, and you’ve had your head in the sand since then. So since you and your good friend Soros have been to busy drinking, partying, and on a full force attack against everything conservative, here’s a recap in bold letters so you can clearly see them:
    The difference between people like me and you is that I’m not afraid to stand up and call Islam for what it is: which is a religion which radicals are hiding behind and using as an excusse to murder, rape, pillage and destroy freedom across the world. You and your liberal cronies on the other hand are theorizing in your warped way of logic that by ignoring and tolerating it somehow your sorry lives will be spared. How very, very, very wrong you are!!! It is beyond sad!!! What’s even worse is that our brave American soldiers are spilling their blood as we speak so you and Soros can spew your flawed liberal acrimonious agena. You and your cronies are a bunch of cowards who will always stick your heads in the sand and try to buy your freedom instead of standing up and fighting for it. But don’t worry there are plenty of us brave conservatives that will fight and save your asses.

    You also claim to have read the Quran and debated Muslims. I’m sure those debates must have been just as heated if not more so then your debate here, weren’t they??? I’m sure that you and Soros have writen plenty of articles denouncing Radical Islam, have’t you??? Please let us know so that we may look them up!!!
    As far as Soros goes he’s a Hungarian billionare who’s actively manipulating our press and our American way of live. He preaches a far left liberal ideology, which at very high costs he’s shoving down our American throats. He’s recruited and bought many puppets who are doing his dirty work. Imagine that: our press being manipulated by a Hungarian. Say it isn’t so please!!!

    You also describe other groups in history of having a “disease of the skin” and the “heart”, and thats fine, I don’t have a problem with that because the truth is, liberal loons suffer from the disease of the mind!!! It makes me sick to my stomach every time liberal idiots open their mouths and spill their vile.

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