Senator Bennet’s Wife, Susan Dagget, Collects School Supplies in Greeley for Needy Children

Susan Dagget, wife of Sen. Michael Bennet speaks to a group of supporters in Greeley

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By Jack Minor

Susan Dagget, wife of Sen. Michael Bennet, came to Greeley to collect school supplies for needy children and sought advice on unifying the Party following a difficult primary season.

On Aug. 25, Dagget came to the Weld County Democrats office to meet with local party members and collect their donations for needy children throughout the state. Dagget showed up in a 1964 Chevrolet mini-school bus painted to look like a Colorado license plate that said, “Bennet for Colorado.”

At the event the crowd of about a dozen people, most of whom were women, met with Dagget and were given a chance to ask her questions. Joe Perez, chairman of the Weld County Democrats, said the size of the crowd was down because of a conflict with a cookout with Rep. Betsy Markey at East Memorial Park. Perez said the Markey event was expecting protesters and many local democrats wanted to be there to show  support.

Dagget said the bus was traveling all over the Front Range collecting school supplies. She was in Boulder on Monday and Colorado Springs on Tuesday. “We are raising awareness that “a lot of kids don’t have what they need at the start of school and it’s a way to help school districts with supplies to make sure poor kids whose parents” can’t afford to buy what they need.” Dagget said.

She also mentioned budget cuts on local districts are putting additional strains on families. The donations will be given to an organization that will distribute the supplies to  districts as they need them.

In addition to answering questions, Dagget  took the time to ask questions of those at the event. She asked for suggestions on how to “reunite the Democratic party and reach out to Romanoff supporters.” She mentioned that as a show of support she would write a personal check to Romanoff to help him pay off his campaign debt.

1964 School bus used by the Bennet campaign to collect school supplies for needy children

Among the suggestions given was for a visit by First Lady Michelle Obama to visit the state and help with the campaign. Dagget said she would pass the suggestion along but was not sure if Michelle would be doing much on the campaign trail saying jokingly, “That’s probably the smart thing for her to do.”

Those present said they were very enthusiastic about the campaign. Amanda Larson was there with her 11-week-old baby girl, Kennedy. “That’s a fine and noble democratic name.” Larson said.

Speaking of democratic voters in the recent election, she said 38 percent were first- time primary voters and 50 percent of the electorate had only voted in one other primary. She emphasized that it was going to be vital  to

get voters to turn out and they would need to capture moderate Republican and independent votes in order to win in November. “There aren’t enough Democrats in the state for us to win with Democratic votes, we’re going

to have to spend a lot of effort reaching out to independents and moderate Republicans.” Dagget said.

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3 Responses to Senator Bennet’s Wife, Susan Dagget, Collects School Supplies in Greeley for Needy Children

  1. james says:

    Has this woman ever been to Greeley…? What a bunch of worthless pandering. Are voters really this stupid?

  2. Spooner Dill says:

    I agree. All of a sudden, it’s REAL important to go around and make out like you’re SO interested in everyone everywhere…….no, hopefully the voters aren’t stupid enough to fall for this.

  3. Hollis says:

    Senator Michael Bennet has been to Greeley numerous times and has been very reponsive to peoples questions, concerns and personal trials. He listens rather than monopolizes the conversation and provides thoughtful answers.

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