Bearfoot for Babies strives to change minds through education

3300 crosses made from paint sticks provided by Sherwin Williams symbolizing the number of babies killed each day in America from abortions

By Jack Minor

A student organization at the University of Northern Colorado will celebrate the upcoming “Life Week” with a full roster of events in an attempt to educate people about the sanctity of human life.
Bearfoot for Babies, an offshoot of the Bear Catholic student organization, began last year when three students decided they wanted to do something peaceful on the UNC campus in observance of Life Week, the first week in October. During the week participating students walked around barefoot on campus as a silent protest against abortion.
Building on last year’s success, this year’s Bearfoot event will feature several world-renowned prolife speakers as well as a display of 3300 crosses symbolizing the number of babies that die each day in America from abortions. Sunny Longenbaugh, spokes-person for the organization, said last year the group had only three weeks to prepare for the event, but this year they have an impressive litany of speakers.
Longenbaugh stressed the organization’s goals are to educate people regarding the truth of abortion in a peaceful, educational and non-judgmental way. During the week a healing mass will be held for individuals who have never come to terms with having an abortion.
Among the speakers will be Colorado Personhood Director Gualberto Garcia-Jones, a co-sponsor of Amendment 62. Other guests will include Rebecca Kiessling who was born after her mother was attacked by a serial rapist in Michigan. Her mother decided against having an abortion after seeing the unsanitary conditions of a “back alley” abortionist. Lila Rose, a student activist from UCLA will also speak on the business model of Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger.
Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput will perform a mass on Monday. Chaput is known for speaking out on the church’s policy on abortion. In 2008 the Archbishop made national news for publicly criticizing house speaker Nancy Pelosi and vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden, both Roman Catholics for their position on abortion.
Longenbaugh said they will also feature two screenings of the film Blood Money, which exposes the truth about the abortion industry from a pro-life perspective. The film features Carol Everett, an abortionist whose clinic conducted over 35,000 abortions before she became convinced the unborn baby is a human being. Everett will be speaking following the second screening.
For full details on all the events scheduled during Life Week visit the organization’s website at

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