Democrat volunteer accused of voter fraud

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By Jack Minor

A Greeley postal carrier has contacted the Police Department alleging voting irregularities by a Democratic Get Out The Vote volunteer she encountered on her route Wednesday.
The carrier claimed while on her route in a Greeley apartment complex, she was talking to a resident who needed to mail a voter’s ballot. While the two were talking, two women arrived claiming to be volunteers with the local Democratic Party. One volunteer, who was wearing a white hat that said Democratic 2010, told the resident that day was the last day to mail in ballots and suggested the resident give the ballot to her.
The postal carrier went on to say the volunteer then offered to pay the $.61 postage required to mail in a ballot. The carrier said she told the resident not to give the woman her ballot, and that, as a postal carrier, she would mail it. The carrier also advised the resident against giving the ballot to a stranger.
Police spokesman Joe Tymkowych confirmed that officer Justin Whipple was assigned a call on the issue. Tymkowych said they contacted Postal Service Inspectors who advised that collecting mail was not illegal as it is not considered “live mail” until deposited in a mailbox. Tymkowych did go on to warn that relying on someone else to mail a ballot means taking a chance it may not be mailed, or mailed in time.
Karen Pelzer, chair of the Weld County Republicans, acknowledged that Colorado law allows a person to pick up ballots for someone else; however, the law limits the amount to ten per person per day. Pelzer said the problem is not in picking up ballots per se, it is that the volunteer offered to pay the postage. “It is a violation of the law to offer anything of value in return for a vote. Both the Colorado Attorney General and the Secretary of State have issued specific guidance that postage may not be offered to a voter in connection with an election.”
Pelzer went on to say, “It is unacceptable to try and intimidate a person into voting early by giving them false information regarding when mail-in ballots need to be returned.” The District Attorney’s office confirmed they are reviewing information about the incident.
While every election cycle has reports of voting irregularities, this election appears to have a higher than normal number of complaints.
Several states have reported incidents where voting machines incorrectly selected the wrong candidates. In Las Vegas voters claimed that when they went to vote the screen had already selected Democratic Senator Harry Reid. Officials attributed it to voters simply selecting the wrong candidate.
North Carolina voters reported that when they selected a straight Republican ticket the machine would select all Democratic candidates. In this instance the problem was attributed to machines not being calibrated properly.
Authorities in New York and Florida are investigating possible fraud involving illegal absentee ballots. The incidents involve ballots that were requested for people who have either never requested one, are dead or otherwise ineligible.
In Texas, Democrats have accused Republican poll watchers of suppressing the votes by their presence at the polling locations. Watchers in Harris County allege they have observed judges voting on behalf of citizens who are undecided and encouraging individuals to vote a straight Democratic Party ticket.
Worldnetdaily reported that local officials said the Department of Justice had gotten involved in investigating the Texas poll watchers. Terry O’Rourke, with the county attorney’s office, is reported to have said the poll watchers were “almost all white and middle class” and were going into “low-income neighborhoods.” He suggested their presence would probably generate antagonism.
Arizona and Texas have also had thousands of voter registration forms that were discovered to have fraudulent signatures.

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