Crime Free zone declared at senior living facility

Joe P. Martinez Gardens senior living facility has been crime free for the last eight years and residents are aiming to keep it that way. The recently implemented Crime Free Senior Living Program is among the first of its kind and was designed to preserve resident safety and maintain the historically low crime rate.

The program educates seniors living at the apartment complex about safety and crime prevention, with an emphasis on reporting. “Arming residents with knowledge about criminal activity will better prepare them to respond in the event a crime occurs,” says Debbie Mata-Rice, HUD Manager of Joe P.

The apartments are located in the heart of north Greeley on 2nd street and 17th avenue.

The program was implemented in three phases:

Phase one: Debbie Mata-Rice completed the Crime Free Senior Living program. The certification program is run by the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and National Crime Free Association.

Phase two: An inspection by The Greeley Police Department was performed at the apartment complex to assess physical security and the general appearance of the property.

Phase three: Phase The Greeley Police Department spoke with residents about safety principles and crime prevention. Joe Mata, from the city of Greeley, was present as well to speak on the issues and the importance of reporting and the removal of graffiti.

The final step was the hanging of the Crime Free Senior Living Program sign that is located in the front entrance. Mata says, “It serves as notice to all in the community that the safety of our seniors is first and foremost.”

Crime Free Senior Living Program at the Joe P. Martinez Gardens is sponsored by the Good Samaritan Society

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