Speech to Mayor Norton

The following speech was given by Carlos Archuletta, a seventh grader at Brentwood Middle School, to the City Council Tuesday October 26th:

“You know it really bothered me to hear at the last meeting that whatever you decide to do with the bus the people will still ride it. Yes, that is true because we are desperate and I feel you use that against us.
We want longer hours and you give the UNC midnight bus to pick up students; please extend daytime hours.
We want lower fares but instead of trying to find a way to do that you have a city council meeting about the size of your signs. What good are your signs going to be when no one wants to vote for you because we are tired of being told what we want and what we need whether we like it or not.
We are the poor, elderly and disabled and there are a lot of votes in this group who help to elect you to your job.
We want a bus system that has disabled-friendly services so that the disabled can continue to be proactive.
Thank you.”

Carlos’ mother said he enjoys watching the televised city council meetings at home for fun and keeps up on Greeley politics. The meeting was a speak-up session about the transit system. Carlos and his mother had to rush to the bus stop immediately after his speech to catch the last bus of the night.

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