Napolitano considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at Airports!

By Jack Minor

With the holidays fast approaching, the Transportation Safety Agency Security Administration has announced new security procedures requiring passengers selected for secondary screening to go through a machine that produces a full body scan producing a nude but grainy, black and white image. Passengers choosing to opt out of the scan will face a full body pat.

The head of Homeland Security has indicated the government is considering the request of an Islamic organization that has suggested Muslim women be allowed to pat themselves down during a full body search that is part of new enhanced procedures at airports.

Since implementing the procedures, numerous complaints have arisen that the search is not a “pat-down” but rather feeling and grabbing along a person’s genitalia and other areas until they meet resistance. Critics have said the pat-downs would be considered sexual assault if performed elsewhere.

The TSA defends the procedures as necessary in light of last years “underwear bomber” and the recent issues involving printer cartridges being used in an attempt to blow up cargo planes.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, has expressed concern with the TSA over the regulations and recommended special procedures for dealing with Muslim women. The organization issued a travel advisory for Muslims over the procedure.

In the advisory CAIR advises all Muslims to contact them and file a complaint with the TSA if they experience any “disturbing incidents” with the new procedures and they feel they have been unfairly singled out for screening.

It goes on to make special recommendations for Muslim women wearing a hijab covering their face. The advisory says women are to inform the officer they are only to pat down the head and neck and says “They should not subject you to a full-body or partial body pat-down.” They also recommend that women should be permitted to pat themselves down and “have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands.”

Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Czar, Janet Napolitano, is considering changes to the procedures to address the issues raised by CAIR.

Since announcing the rules, several organizations have expressed concern over the procedures. Pilots and flight crews have expressed concern about constant exposure to the low level radiation generated by the machine, but the government denies any danger from having the scan done. The U.S. Airline Pilots Association has issued instructions to members to call in sick and not board a flight if they are too upset to fly after a pat-down. The Allied Pilots Association has urged members to boycott the body imaging machines.

At least one website has recommended Americans boycott the body scans by recommending everyone chosen for additional screening on Nov. 24 to opt out of the body scans and choose the pat down. Some have expressed alarm over the recommendation saying it could slow down or halt the security process on the day before Thanksgiving.

New Jersey lawmakers have pending resolutions demanding Congress tell the TSA that people must not be forced to give up their fourth amendment rights when they choose to travel by airline.

A Reuters poll asking if individuals were less likely to fly as a result of the new procedures revealed 96 percent of respondents affirming they would make alternate travel plans to avoid intrusive security and pat-downs.

John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, said the regulations came straight from the President himself.

In a recent commentary Whitehead said “legislation has been proposed to mandate full-body scanners and make them the primary screening method in all U.S. airports by 2013, but Congress has yet to act on it. So we can thank Barack Obama for this frontal assault on our Fourth Amendment rights.” He went on to say “Yet in the wake of the bumbling underwear bomber’s botched Christmas Day attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound plane, Obama directed the Homeland Security Department to acquire $1 billion in advanced-technology equipment, including body scanners, for screening passengers at airports.”

The machines have been purchased from California based Rapiscan Systems. The company is a client of the Chertoff Group, a security consulting agency headed by former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff who has lobbied for the need for installing the machines in airports.

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134 Responses to Napolitano considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at Airports!

  1. Proud to be AMERICAN says:

    The old adage is, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The Muslim women are no better then any person going through security at any airport. Who the hell do these people think they are. You don’t like it go back to where you came from and don’t return.

  2. George Johnson says:

    Make no mistake, this isn’t about checking people for contraband before flying. This is ALL about control. Pure and simple, control. Total control. Think about it for a second. If you’re willing to put up with THIS, sexual assault, indignation, groping, harassment, threats, theft (that goes back a long way) pedophiles grabbing your kids and on and on and on…. What else would you put up with??

    This is about conditioning. If the American citizen will put up with this, they’ll tolerate ANYTHING in the name of “security.”

    Besides, people “profile” all the time. You go to the hair dresser? You’re probably profiling. Check out your doctor before you go?? Profiling. Check out a lawyer before you use them?? Profiling. Don’t like, say, mexican food, and won’t try a “breakfast burrito”?? Profiling!! Don’t date just anybody?? PROFILING!!

    People profile all the time, it’s perfectly natural. And to “profile” or suspect, based on FACTS that we KNOW TO BE TRUE, certain people, from certain places, of certain religions, that look a basic certain way and ACT a certain way, would be PERFECTLY NORMAL in any other time and place.

    This is political correctness run amok. We’re willing to kill more Americans so as not to upset a bunch of mulisms. S* THAT!!! America first!!! (for a change!!!)

    And, S* LIBERALISM!! It will be the death of this country, and is so far. They are a small minority, maybe about 20%, how they got so much control, is beyond me!! It’s time to put a STOP TO IT!!! Death to LIBERALISM!!

  3. Tripmom92 says:

    Mr. Johnson is right. This is all about total control. This progressive adminstration wants to control every part of our life. Plain and simple.
    All muslim should be treated just like anyone else. As a Christian woman, the invasive pat down would be just as much against my faith as the muslim. So if I have to submit to the humilation and be physically violated so should the muslim woman. Why should they get special treatment. I am getting tired of the muslim getting special treatments and allowed more rights than Christians. It has been reported several times, that there are some schools that are allowing their muslim students to pray – several times a day, according to their faith.While that is being allowed, Christian have been barred from praying and or reading their Bible while at lunch, not even allowed to say a silent blessing at lunch. Something is wrong here. Why are they getting treated better than CHristians ?
    Everyone wants to be treated equally, so the muslim women should be treated just like any other woman.
    I am tired of this adminstration bowing down to the muslim’s every wish. Enough is enough.

  4. den says:

    Of course the Muslims should not even have to go through security. These chosen people should
    be allowed to return to their Islamic countries for free on a one way trip.

    The most evil thing is islam, followed by the TSA. They are the same. In fact Muslims work there and
    are part of the assault on children.

    Each person in a Burqua should have to disrobe and be sent out for deprogramming. They are free here.

    Call your republican and demand we hire the Israelis to do our airport security! Fire the TSA, or jail them as pedophiles.

    What we are doing does not work

  5. Oldgeorge says:

    George Johnson and Tripmom92, you have nailed it!! We’ve already been through the early stages of control indoctrination – bans on smoking, words one must not say lest someone be offended (political correctness), and those factors then growing into the avoidance of the profiling that would save mountains of work by numberless federal government employees. shaking down the obviously uninvolved at airports, making it impossible for citizens to sue TSA officials (hence their sense of invulnerability) and failing to responsibly track employee identification badges and former employees’ uniforms – and on and on into the night. We are now at the point where these violations of our Constitutional guarantees must be stopped.

    Two elderly caucasians, man and wife, were subjected to a microscopic inspection at Heathrow a few years ago – white haired, ages in the seventies and eighties, with bad knees, high blood pressure and other afflictions – we were obviously dangerous felons and I’m amazed they didn’t put us in irons on a cattle boat for the trip home. (Hey, Freeman – I’m being facetious). Inspections in this country now far exceed what happened to us there.

    And there’s even a discussion about allowing Sharia law within our national borders? What has happened to common sense? What about the Constitution???? Oh. Excuse me. I suppose, after all, that it is superfluous now that the liberals are in command. Makes me wonder why I and several million other Americans volunteered for service back in the forties.

    The libs don’t want to offend anyone? Well, I am offended. VERY, VERY offended.

    It’s time to roll the tumbrels. That’s a French contribution to cure society’s ills, you know.

  6. Phillip Barton says:

    So instead of all this controversy and unhappiness about whether to body scan or be felt up, how about this: Everyone goes through a “scanner” that is set to read explosives. If the scanner detects explosives,
    a laser is immmedately activated that intercepts the explosive and ignites it. This way, if anyone is carrying
    anything explosive, he/she will refuse to enter the chamber for fear of being blown up. No controversy, no unhappiness, no complaints, no concern about someone carrying explosives…..just a dull thud inside the chamber and everyone can sigh with relief and relax…..and the only bomber needed to be concerned, and he/she will no longer need to be concerned about anything.

  7. SKEPTICSAM says:


  8. David says:

    Are you out of your mind? EVERYONE should be checked, I don’t care what gender you are or what your religious beliefs you follow. Do you think terrorist DON’T use woman? Everyone in favor of No pat downs must have forgotten those images on tv, September 11, 2001. It’s not about control. Take the “I” out of the equation and replace it with “We”. We as a country need to make sure that they are never able to harm us in the way they did.

  9. FrogBurger says:

    It’s time for civil disobedience. IF you’re an average Joe you have to comply with this and the healthcare law. If you’re a muslim if you have exemptions. WTF!

  10. Jason Calley says:

    David says: “Everyone in favor of No pat downs must have forgotten those images on tv, September 11, 2001.”

    Pardon my bluntness, but that has to be one of the stupidest things I have heard in a long time. Pat downs do exactly nothing to materially increase air safety. There are MANY ways still available for a determined “terrorist” to smuggle weapons on board, and even if you could in fact prevent people from bringing weapons on board, an average air-plane is full of things that may be used as weapons.

    Again, pardon my bluntness, but you are a coward, and one who apparently does not know math. Are you really so frightened by the minuscule threat of air terrorists, that you are unable to see the very much greater threat posed by a government which claims the right to observe and control your life like a rancher controls cattle? You apparently did not study history much either.

    Here is one very simple question.

    Arlington Cemetery is the location of 300,000 graves. Name one person buried there who gave his life so that our nation would become less free and more totalitarian.

  11. Pathfimder says:

    This is the most outrageously stupid, idiot, things I have ever heard of, in my 80 years of living. This is the very apex of condescension; the highest of the actually telling Americans how low down she sees us. It is apparent and perfectly clear now, that she thinks we are the scum of the earth and must be ruled over like cattle, or pigs.

    Now that I’ve spent a whole paragraph on Napolitano And her views of us. Let me say that after all is said and done, our real leader will carry us through. He gave us this Country, and He is not about to let trash like Napolitano destroy it. Not as long as we keep calling on Him to spare it Lets get God back into the fray, and get the illegals out or make them l eagle.

    I have just bought a new Flag. Lets get it to flying. Lets get Old Glory


  12. Pathfimder says:

    Lets getter flying big guys, Then lets say a little prayer and get America back. It will take a little time, so lets getter done. ……….. getter done, and go home. AMEN, big guys, Amen and Amen, getter done and go home. Did you getter done downdid you getter down and go for home did you ever getter done like this?

  13. Ima says:

    Well at least one person shows that some are willing to give up their freedom to tyrany…my complaint is not so much the who or why but this little falsehood “produces a full body scan producing a nude but grainy, black and white image”. With minimal experiacne you too can change that not so griany image into a full-color nude photo…
    There is also a very LARGE question that the TSA (Totalitarian Sexual assault ) Agency refuses to have answered by independent scientists, the amount of radiation at such a close proximety to the body, especially the groin area and other soft tissues. UCSF, dermatologists and cancer experts, raise specific important concerns: full report:

    But one concern is “there are a number of ‘red flags’ related to the hardware itself. Because this device can scan a human in a few seconds, the X-ray beam is very intense. Any glitch in power at any point in the hardware (or more importantly in software) that stops the device could cause an intense radiation dose to a single spot on the skin. Who will oversee problems with overall dose after repair or software problems? The TSA is already complaining about resolution limitations; who will keep the manufacturers and/or TSA from just raising the dose, an easy way to improve signal-to-noise and get higher resolution? Lastly, given the recent incident (on December 25th), how do we know whether the manufacturer or TSA, seeking higher resolution, will scan the groin area more slowly leading to a much higher total dose?”

  14. - says:

    David is correct. if you don’t want to qualify as a passenger, build your own airplane.
    this isn’t a true privacy issue, as was phone tapping etc only a few years ago. even az sb1070 is more of a 4th amd intrusion than preflight scan/feelup. taking a flight is completely voluntary and semi-private activity, vs walking on a public sidewalk.

  15. JFC says:

    What “special right” does Muslim women have over any other woman? Did that directive come from whe WH also? What really pisses me is that Muslims are given special rights over ANY citizen of the US. We are the ones paying taxes to keep this country going. I realize that we are putting money into a black hole (congress and WH)—think about it, giving a Muslim Imam free travel to return to his homeland and “promote” America and giving untold thousands of our tax dollars to “restore” historic mosques in Arab countries. The National Day of Prayer was ignored by the WH while the Muslims gathered by the thousands to pray at the WH . . . with the president pulling off his shoes and praying with them. The truth is that the very ones who are guilty of blowing up planes or whatever they wish are the ones getting the royal treatment. I realize that there are good and decent Muslims like every one else, but don’t show them favortism. I want to see Muslim women treated with the same disrespect as my wife when we travel. I don’t want to see any women treated with disrespect with “pat downs” but at least treat ALL the same.

  16. Adam Leite says:

    I can’t believe it. We are gong through all this sh** because of them, and they get exemption. We should all boycott TSA. Make a front line and refuse this treatment that only punishes the innocent.

  17. daniel says:

    I’m just going to wear a hijab and claim I am a Muslim at the security gate.

  18. robert townsend says:

    Think about it … the richest people on the earth are muslims… they have been recieving billions upon billions of dollars from around the world for oil….for 50 or 60 years. They are sooooooo filthy rich that they are buying our politicians, in the US, like they have bought out the politicians in Europe. There is absolutely no other explanation to this insane stupid demorilization of our rights. Europe is decimated with the loss of natonal identity and culture, and freedoms.. and its beginning now in the US. The only other crazy explanation to this crazy scenario that our so called leaders are perpetuating is that SATAN is amongst us…….. WTF is going on….????? I can’t figure it out. How can a country allow immigrants to infiltrate with the blessings of our elected officals and allow them to change our laws and freedoms for the worse….. If anyone has a better perspective please let me know!!!

  19. stacy says:

    why not just boycott all airports for a short time and the gov will bail them out just like gm but would definatly have to take a different approach

  20. Judy says:

    If Muslim women are exempt from patdowns and body scans, then ALL women should be exempt. No special treatment for anyone.

  21. Karen Janssen says:

    If the Muslim women are allowed this exemption, EVERY church in America should (and likely will) find that their teachings require modesty and forbids strangers feeling us up. Male or female! And not just Protestants and Roman Catholics. EVERY house of worship of any stripe should do this.

    Has anyone thought about the conditioning of small children to accept intimate touching by strangers? They are grooming our children to be the victims of predators.

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  23. Osama says:

    You have to be joking!?!? And this moron of a woman was allowed to run DHA? How stupid can she be? Get over political correctness Janet and do your job

  24. Osama says:

    DHS, I meant. It’s good to see common sense prevailed eventually but to still even consider a self-patdown is irresponsible.

  25. Truth says:

    The real story here is the fact that Napolitano is even considering this. This is a message to the true American people that their lives or not as important to this administration, as much as political correctness is, and as much as appeasing the belligerent demands of Muslims, who want to kill us, at the expense of the principles of justice. Shame on Napolitano, Obama, and the rest oh his Socialist Czarz. I just hope that enough pressure is put on them that they will consider this stupidity for the next two years, and not actually act on it. As far as I can see so far Obama is not very good at making solid, common sense decisions. The only thing he’s good at is to incline to Muslims rulers.

  26. The Magic M says:

    This is, no surprise there, another deliberately misinforming, false and misleading article.

    Let’s get to the juicy bits one by one:

    “The advisory says women are to inform the officer they are only to pat down the head and neck and says “They should not subject you to a full-body or partial body pat-down.” They also recommend that women should be permitted to pat themselves down and “have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands.””

    1. “they are only to pat down the head and neck”

    That is false. You are deliberately misquoting an article that talked about an example scenario. In that example scenario, the suspicious area (where there might be critical things hidden) was the head and neck. The article then goes on to state that there would have to be a pat-down of that specific area, quoting verbatim: “IN THIS CASE the head and neck” (emphasis added).

    So it is blatantly false that always only head and neck are to be patted down.

    Since I expect Mr Minor to be able to read and understand simple English, his omission that “head and neck” refers only to a specific example scenario must be a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the actual practice of these searches to make it appear as if Muslims somehow get a free pass.

    This is not journalism, it is despicable.

    2. “They also recommend that women should be permitted to pat themselves down”

    I find it interesting that the author is not quoting here but paraphrasing. Given that I’ve shown in (1) above how deliberately misrepresented other parts are, you can be sure there is no such wording anywhere.

    Besides, such a regulation would make no sense since “patting down” is supposed to uncover hidden objects. Patting yourself down does not uncover hidden objects to others, just like a doctor can’t tell if you’ve got a dislocated joint if you’re only touching yourself.
    So first it wouldn’t make any sense and second I have doubts, given the “quality” of the “journalism” in Mr Minor’s articles (which are better described as outright propaganda), that the original document even remotely said such a thing.

    So what remains of this article is another attempt to incite hatred towards Muslims by falsely suggesting they are somehow exempt from security protocols.

    (Besides I am certain to have seen exactly the same arguments on other websites before, indicating Mr Minor is simply parroting the propaganda claims he reads elsewhere, just like he did with his WND quotes regarding Obama’s eligibility.)

  27. Jack Minor says:

    My source was not WND. It was an email alert issued by CAIR. They said themselves “TSA to address airport pat-down issues raised by CAIR”

    In their travel advisory for Muslim travelers under “Special recommendations for Muslim women who wear hijab:” it says

    “Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area, and have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands.”

    I agree that it makes no sense to allow women to pat themselves down, but that is what CAIR said. Take it for what it’s worth.

  28. Truth says:

    The question begs: Why is anyone even considering affording special privileges ONLY to Muslim women to allow themselves to pat-down? What’s the reasoning behind this lunacy??? This is political correctness gone chaotic.

  29. Disgusted says:

    Wow, the most hateful people towards us get a pass. But since the world has turned to crap this makes sense if you turn it upside down and inside out and use some fear from Jan the man.

    Americans accept everything being pushed at them these days because most say they just want to enjoy life in their little bubble and not worry about what the govt is doing. And that is very anti-american, not questioning the destruction of our constitution by the current and former administrations.

    It’s all about war on other people’s soil but maybe some will wake up when it’s at their door in their bubble of smoke and mirrors. Then again, maybe they will never wake up and be the first collateral damage here when it hits. And it will hit as that is the mission.

  30. The Magic M says:

    > the most hateful people towards us get a pass

    You seem to think all Muslims are alike and think alike.

    If I applied the same to you, all American Christians would be warmongering idiots (think GWB) or religiously crazed mass murderes (think Charles Manson).

    You also seem to think “Muslim” and “American” are mutually exclusive which is another fallacy that only promotes hate.

    > Take it for what it’s worth.

    I take for what it’s worth that you don’t feel the need to address your obviously wrong statements that Muslim women are only to be patted down on head and neck, even when you’ve been caught red-handed.

  31. Truth says:

    Liberals like the magic m, aka the magic wand, would like you to lay down, bend over, and turn the other cheek because in his warped way of logic Christians have no right to defend their freedom, their rights or their lives when threatened.
    Most of us who believe in God are good peaceful people who enjoy our happiness, our freedom, and at all costs want to live peacefully. But here is a clear message for you and the rest of the liberal idiots: When our lives, peace, and our way of life is under attack, by anyone including muslim extremists, WE WILL NOT LAY DOWN, BEND OVER, OR TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!!! WE WILL FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!! AN EYE FOR AN EYE!!! WE WILL NOT JUDGE, WE’LL LEAVE THAT UP TO YOUR MAKER!!!
    What in the hell are you whining about anyway? Didn’t your fearless leader allow the assassination of Bin Laden, who in case you forgot, not only killed Americans, but preached his will and desire to kill more, including crybabies like you. Even though Bin Laden’s dead other muslim extremist are willing to take his place and continue planing to kill.
    Here’s a shock for you: Bin Laden and the rest of his followers do not discriminate!!! They want to kill any American they can regardless of race or religious beliefs. Bin Laden’s war is not a war against Christianity. It is a war against every American. But if you want to make this a Holly war, AS CHRISTIANS WE’LL GLADLY LEAD THE WAY AGAINST ANY TYRANT AND HIS LOYALISTS !!! If you need some proof or a recent lesson research WWII and you’ll find it. Most of the American’s who died freeing the world from a tyrant, were in fact Christians. You and yours can either choose to join us or hide and stick your heads in the sand, and keep pretending that the world around you is wonderful. So either stop whining, get a grip, and grow some balls, or put your apron on and don’t come out of the kithen!!!

  32. Disgusted says:

    MagicM, Good thing we still have a little bit of freedom of speech eh?
    I don’t really care what your religious beliefs are unless it spouts hatred for Americans and everyone else who doesn’t have the same belief system and do whatever you can to kill those who disagree. I don’t know how many American Muslims there are. Or how many that have been brought from other countries being subsidized here by our tax dollars with thoughts of hatred towards us and willing to blow themselves up to make a point. Who does that? I would never “hate” on them as it takes too much energy. I doubt all christian people sit around all day hating on them either. I think it’s more of if everyone else has to be sexually assaulted before flying, then the muslim women should be too. Simple really unless they have been given special treatment which isn’t right. This isn’t the only place I’ve read this story. It’s been on the news, local and cable and internet and yes I know, you can’t believe anything you hear or read anymore as everyone has their own agenda.
    I hate war! I believe we should never go to war unless we’re attacked here! Did Libya attack us? Nope. But there we are spending billions we don’t have! Again!

    I was born and raised in America but I am not supposed to say I am an American? We used to be proud to be an American. My father fought in WWII and brother in VietNam and I believe they fought for our FREEDOMS of free minds and more and both are rolling in their graves from this admin and previously admin lying for war profits and shredding the Constitution they upheld! But somehow we’re evil now. Those damn Americans sending us billions, those damn Americans sending us food, those damn Americans giving us schools and building roads for us. I could go on and on as our infrastructure is falling apart because we have saved everyone but ourselves!
    Something stinks and it’s not Greeley this time!
    The only reason I am responding is I saw that there were over 100 comments on this story and thought I’d see how others feel and somehow, you chose my opinion to slam. Well hon, get over yourself as mister know-it-all and everyone else is wrong. It kind of sounds like you’re a traitor beating up on Americans on American soil for thinking a different way than you. Or maybe you got picked to make sure that everyone who thinks freely must be put down. I don’t know and I really don’t care as I believe it’s those like you that are what’s destroying this once great nation. Carry on and good luck with that.

  33. greeleygirl says:

    Hey baby, I am a Christian and if Muslim women don’t have to be patted down, then I don’t either. Who the heck do they thiink they are? I am fed up with trying to bow to them……….If they don’t like our rules or laws, GOHOME……………..We won’t miss you a bit, and we will be richer for it. How much are they given in freebies every month? Check it out…………..

  34. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

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