Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

By Rev. Brad

How will you spend your Thanksgiving? The majority of Americans gather in small groups,  share a meal, and “enjoy” each other while being thankful they have a chance to get together. In some families each person takes a turn sharing what he or she has to be thankful for over the past twelve months, while others  celebrate the day by watching the football game on the big screen.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, it is important to be thankful even for the trials in our lives. The saying, ” If it don’t kill you, it will make you stronger,” is often a hard pill to swallow when you are in the midst of one of life’s many trials.

Perhaps this year you see yourself as fortunate to have escaped the worries of the economic storm, or that your health is in good order. But what about your neighbors, how are they doing? Even if you are only on a “hello” over the fence level  with them, have you bothered to ask them how they are and really mean it?

Many believers know it is good to give in the church and to charity; but what about giving to the family next door? The other day a couple of ladies came to my door selling some homemade food. Without a second thought I told them that I was unable to help and closed the door in their faces. No quicker than I turned around, I felt convicted. I did have a few dollars tucked away for another purpose, and I had not even bothered to see what their true need was.  Why? Am I so consumed with my own need that I cannot be bothered with the need of another? Long story short, I sent my wife after them with some money. I still do not know what their true need was, but clearly they needed something to be out on such a cold windy day selling homemade goods.  I am now thankful that I was able to help someone.

I encourage you to look for opportunities to be a blessing to others this Thanksgiving season; to give to others over giving to yourself.  By taking the time to know the need of someone less fortunate than you and sacrificing of yourself, your time, and your money to take care of that need, you are truly giving thanks to God.

There are some great organizations out there like the Denver Rescue Mission and the Weld County Food Bank that are always in need of assistance. These are good and worthy to give to. I only encourage you to take a step of faith and help someone out on a more personal level this year. It only takes a second to write out a check and put it in the mail, but that may not change your life like personally helping someone you don’t know with something they desperately need.

If you feel the urging to help of this personal level but don’t know where to start feel free to contact me here at the paper or contact your local church. Many churches know of people in this community that are in need of the help only a person like you can provide.

Be blessed as you bless others, and you will feel the thanks of this giving season well up in you.

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