5 Tips to Prevent Theft During the Holidays

By Mike Bauman

As the holidays approach, thieves go into over-drive, looking for easy targets to fill their own stockings.  What follows are some tips to keep your treasures safe from these Grinches.

1)  Keep a radio and light on when you’re not home.

Thieves like easy, safe targets.  They often approach houses in an attempt to determine if anyone is home.  A radio playing and lights on can give the impression that someone’s there.

2)  If you must keep gifts in your car, lock them in the trunk.

At night, thieves will walk the streets, peering into cars, searching for valuables.  Make sure yours aren’t in plain view.  This is also true while you are shopping.

3)  Close your garage.

Thieves will often enter open garages, taking whatever they can.  Prevent these crimes of opportunity by making sure your garage door is closed.

4)  Break down boxes.

Don’t advertise all your new items.  Burglars will often watch to see who got what, in order to identify their next target.  Break down the boxes you discard and stack them to make it harder for burglars see.

5)  Watch out for each other.

Most of us know what and who belongs in our neighborhood.  If you see someone or something that raises your suspicion, call the police to have it checked out.  The non-emergency number to the police department is 350-9600.

A little extra vigilance can help ensure the holidays stay special for you and yours.

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