Take the FBI Up on It!

By Mike Bauman

Last year, in a mostly party-line vote, the Colorado Assembly voted to continue to have the Colorado Bureau of Investigations provide background checks for persons purchasing firearms in the state.  This service costs Colorado an estimated $1.7 million per year.  It is the opinion of the Greeley Gazette that this expenditure is very simply wasteful spending.

While it is federally mandated that these background checks must be completed, it is also federally mandated that the Federal Bureau of Investigations would do this task for free.  The Democrats in the Colorado Legislature made the point that the information in the Colorado Crime Information Computer system is fresher than information in the National Crime Information Computer system.  However, recent Supreme Court Decisions, enumerating Second Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms as fundamental rights, bring into question the validity of some of these denials.

It is unconscionable that our state government would take money away from our children’s education to fund a program the Federal Government will do for free.

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