Obama pushes killing survivors of botched abortions

Kurt Overturf owns his own construction business in Greeley

Has Ward Churchill confessed he needs a rewrite? I think there are some new ‘little Eichmann’ nominees, persevering-, culling some master race. Hitler’s minions killed about 12 million Jews according to the military channel. Adolf endorsed ‘Eugenics’ – a calculating-, positively Darwinian effort at improving the human race by eliminating less desirable races and ethnicities, especially minorities; backed by Saudi Arabia’s blood-soaked Islamic mufti. If societal angels like Obama’s Ezekiel Emanuel know best the charted ‘life value’ of American minions, why trouble to thrust low-value Americans into ovens like Hitler, when you can get them in the womb? Hitler’s genocidal cohort was the founder of ‘Planned Parenthood’ – spawn of eugenics. I follow ObamaCare’s money and body count. About 65% of Planned Parenthood offices are in poor minority neighborhoods. About 40% of all abortions are committed on young black women. The birth-certificateless Hawaiian (according to their governor) Barrack Obama is probably one of the only Americans-, and probably THE only state senator to ask state courts to enforce a law requiring abortion doctors kill a baby lucky enough to survive a botched procedure. Obama asked Illinois’ judicial branch to intervene after failing to get even a single state senator to co-sponsor his vicious legislation finishing off abortion survivors. Hilter implemented eugenics using ovens, Obama – inadvertently? – implements eugenics using the militant-institutionalized NARAL complex and Planned Parenthood. Obama said he doesn’t want his daughters ‘punished with a baby’. I suspect neither would Philadelphia’s murder-indicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell storing snipped baby bits in jars. With about 3700 abortions performed daily, Planned Parenthood- and ObamaCare’s eugenic spawned policies will match Hitler’s genocidal ovens in 8.88 short years. Is Ezekiel an Eichmann?

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