Consumer Confidence on a False Floor

As our economy continues to struggle out of “the recession”, the government and the Federal Reserve have continued to deny inflation exists or is so small as to be a hindrance. The Fed’s late-fall stimulus package was instituted to actually create inflation to lead to artificially-enhanced, false Christmas retail sales figures to bolster the myth the recession had ended.

Somebody forgot to let those bastions of the Obama Administration’s social programs, the EPA and the FDA, in on the secret. While we were relaxing over the President’s Day Weekend, the two government giants put out new numbers on the value of each American’s life, showing up to 33% inflation in 2010.

There has to be a background data explanation here. Back in 2002, under George the Second (Bush not King of England); the EPA was asked to value a human life in order to justify its otherwise unjustifiable, immeasurable programs. The EPA came up with $7.5 million per human life. In 2005 it declared you just weren’t as worthy as you used to be, even though the economy was experiencing inflation, and the value dropped to $6.8 million per person. I haven’t been able to find when the FDA got into the valuation picture but I believe it was in preparation for Michelle’s “Obesity for Children” program.

The EPA, in preparation for an expected hostile review by the 112th Congress, last week jumped its figure to $9.1 million. Let me see, $9.1 minus the old figure of $6.8 leaves me with $2.3 million and that means we had more than a 33% jump in the valuation of a human life by the EPA this year. The FDA (the piker) came in at a measly $7.9 million per person so they could further their regulatory assault on what we consume as free individuals and sue that darn smoker for his habit.

So somebody in government has it wrong about inflation but which group, the politico dogs or the bureaucrats? As a close study of the recently-completed Christmas shopping season will show, if you take out the inflation basis, retailers actually sold fewer goods in 2010 than in 2009. Retailers were able to report increased sales solely on the back of inflation…which means the Administration’s plaintive bleating about the recession having ended in June 2009 is hollow at best and a blatant lie at worst. Long live the bureaucrat!!!

As was noted by the New York Times in its reporting of the government changes in valuation of human life: “Some agencies felt assigning a value to a human life was too subjective and that the revised figures were merely a reflection of the administration’s pursuit of its regulatory agenda for America rather than having any basis in scientific considerations.” So the agencies acted to support Obama’s regulatory wants. Since the NYT went so far to state anything against either the EPA or FDA, the basis they used must be very nebulous indeed.

Let me be clear about this situation. The Fed is devaluing the dollar in your pocket in order to create the illusion of an economic recovery through inflation only. Meanwhile Obama and his socialist pals are regulating us to death through the Financial Reform Bill (Dodd-Frank Act) and Obamacare (both of which passed so we could find out the details later), but to keep up with those new regulations the value on your life has surged so the agencies involved can justify their budget requests to a hostile Congress?

A better way to put it in perspective is Obama’s EPA valuation alone has 2.8 quadrillion dollars of “regulatory agenda” to put on us. At our current economic level that will take America 175 years, at all of our total GDP, to make up for this boondoggle not to mention cutting every tree in America to print up the new do’s and don’ts.

Maybe we should let the EPA have its way and have to print all that new regulation. Without trees most of the EPA’s goals will vanish naturally through extinction and America will become a barren desert, eliminating the need for an EPA and we can get back to a semblance of normalcy.

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