ATF to accept public comments prior to outlawing shotguns

by Jack Minor


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is taking a rare step of allowing public comments prior to issuing a decision on a study that could result in outlawing certain types of shotguns currently available to citizens.

 The ATF completed a study regarding the importability of certain shotguns. The basis for a possible ban is based on a loosely defined “Sporting Purpose” test. Using the vague definition almost all pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns could be banned as they are all capable of accepting a magazine, box or tube capable of holding more than 5 rounds. Other characteristics determined to be “military” by the ATF can also be used as a basis for a ban.

 Ironically, many shotguns with “military” features are currently being used in shooting competitions held by the USPSA, IDPA and IPSC. The rules could also result in obscure regulations where an individual would be unsure if he is violating them or not.

 Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said if the ATF succeeds with the banning of tactical shotguns it “will be the most dangerous interpretation of the 1968 Gun Control Act ever envisioned and will outlaw thousands of perfectly legitimate home defense shotguns.”

 The ATF is currently allowing public comments on the study until the end of the month. Those wishing to express concerns about the study can send an email to

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380 Responses to ATF to accept public comments prior to outlawing shotguns

  1. It is time for the American people to start standing up to our Government that has not regard to the Constitutionally of the laws they pass. We are headed for Socialism.

  2. A.D.Hardin says:

    Unless you suddenly became God you don’t have the authority to violate my rights. They predate the government and the constitution, you did not grant them. And as I recall you work for me, I don’t work for you. How can the servant become more than the master? My rights are ABOVE and SUPERIOR to the laws of men. You can go to hell.

  3. Joan Lewis says:

    We live in a farm area, we need our shot gun and ammunition to protect ourselves as well as protect our animals. No permission from any man or government is required.
    We support The Bill Of Rights!

  4. charles davidson says:

    according to the news the U S government is freely giving drug cartels all kinds of weapons ,full autos,shotguns, and the like. i,de like to get in line for a free gun . im retired and cant afford one.according to the U S constitution the citizens have a right given by our for fathers why do you feel its your ill thought out wright to take away the citizens of this free country . HITLER did the same thing before declareing war on the world . are we going to take us into a police state , you arnt stopping the mexican invasion, drugs, illegal voting, P S ide like a double barrel shotgun just for the sake of having one. tell jannet nappalitano i dont want her name ingraved on it.

  5. William K. Joyner says:

    The bottom line is that any regulation that you put on law-abiding citizens with regards to their 2nd Amendment right is in fact a violation of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States! We have already allowed you to bend the rules in the past with the regulation of automatic weapons and a highly illegal (violation to the Constitution) assault weapons ban which has expired. Any further regulation, whether through weapons ban, magazine ban or other will most certainly come with unfortunate consequences to not just the people of the United States but those who would attempt to enforce such an asinine ideology. Criminals do not stop because someone tells them that it is illegal. Drugs were made illegal decades ago and look how well that is working out! Drugs are rampant and aren’t going away. The innocent are turned into criminals. But keep in mind that a junky has a disadvantage when you make them into criminals. Remember that the 2nd Amendment was NOT written for hunters and sporting! It was specifically designed as a way for American citizens to have a way to defend themselves, not only from criminals but from their own government should it become too powerful! Wouldn’t you say that you are pushing it…

  6. Tom sanford says:

    Since when did the 2nd amendment have to do with sports? It’s for protection from criminals inside or outside of the government… I wish the criminals in the government would quit playing dumb about this… They have an agenda… A socialist agenda to disarm the public and leave us at the mercy of criminals … They try and justify this by acting like they’re giving us a say… Total crock of you know what… I guess they’re hoping we’re dumbed down enough to accept it or scared enough…. It’s time that public servants who violate their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution were impeached and/or put in jail!!!!!

  7. Don Hardy says:

    Shotguns truly are THE best guns for home defense — and always have been. Should the ATF unilaterally decide to ban them, we will begin working with Congress to abolish a runaway bureau within the Department of Treasury. It’s been considered; banning semi-auto shotguns would be the nail in the coffin.

  8. john bussey says:

    The ATF needs to start realizing that they are the type of jackbooted thugs from whom the second amendment was written to protect us. Get a clue guys if you are part of the ATF you don’t qualify as a loyal American. In fact you don’t even qualify as a real American.

  9. Jon says:

    This is old news and amounted to nothing. It only had to do with the import of semi-auto shotguns (saigas). They defined them as having a sporting purpose. I swear, people read half-truths and run away with it. One poster can’t even get the department ATF is under right. They have been under DOJ since 2003.

  10. effe ewe says:

    About time. Guns and idiots kill people. We can’t make stupidity illegal so the guns have to go. Or you can clutch your rifle and your bible in your frightened, sweaty palms.

  11. Chuck says:

    Nope. I don’t like it. The BATF should not ban anything. What, exactly, do you think the BATF (or anyone) will prevent or discourage by doing this? It won’t work. It never has.

  12. matt says:

    You clowns need to find something better to do with your time than try to tell me what I can and cannot have. One would think that after Fast and Furious, a program BO tried to blame on Bush.. a pathetic lie btw. You would stop with all the garbage, but no, here we go again. Piss off and stay the hell out of my and my family’s life.

  13. Justin says:

    The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with “sporting purposes.” It is in place so that WE THE PEOPLE can protect ourselves from tyranny. Four simple words sum up my feelings on this issue. I WILL NOT COMPLY. Go after the criminals, and leave the law-abiding, tax paying citizens alone.

  14. Michael says:

    The second amendment protects our rights to keep and bear arms. All arms, not just the ones some bureaucrat thinks we should have. Regulating any gun because of how it looks is ignorant. It functions just like Any other gun that looks “normal”, one pull if the trigger one shot.

  15. BRADLEY says:

    Banning a shotgun because you believe it has no purpose for sporting purposes is a bunch of crap 2nd amendment is for us to protect citizens RIGHT to protect themselves from foreign or domestic enemies. If you want to ban saigas because its black pistol grip and semi auto and has that evil magazine or other guns because its tube fed. what about all those winchester 1873 its got a evil tube and it was used to kill so many bad guys and native americans when taming the west oh no we should ban lever guns. Ok really banning a gun because it doesnt having a sporting purpose is stupid it has a bigger purpose homeland defense for citizens property or Thee homeland. So heres a thought BATF while dont you do something useful with the my money and money that my brothers and sisters give you every 2weeks ie paycheck and stop giving free guns to criminals. because you are taking us to bring of socialism i know you dont care but remember what the second amendment is about. thanks BRADLEY LANGSTAFF OF OHIO

  16. Pete says:

    The word “sporting” is not in the second amendment or in the constitution.

    The words “Shall not be infringed” are.

    So either you support the US constitution or you do not.

    The ATF had better decide what side they are going to be on.

  17. No, you do not have my permission to ban shotguns for you would be violating my 2nd amendment rights and my soverienty so i say again NO! goodday a.t.f.

  18. Jeff says:

    People kill People… guns don’t.

    If someone wants to kill a bunch of people they will find a way to do it and no amount of gun restriction will prevent that.

    Please do the right thing and put your efforts elsewhere. Policing and restricting the law abiding citizens of the USA is not the way to keep us “Safe”.

    Average response time for a 911 call is 7 minutes on days when the squads are at capacity (which is NOT often!). Sir or Ma’am, In 7 MINUTES MYSELF AND MY WHOLE FAMILY COULD BE DEAD AND THE ONLY GOOD A POLICE OFFICER WILL BE ABLE TO DO IS PROCESS THE SCENE AND ‘MAYBE’ CATCH THE PERSON OR PEOPLE WHO DID IT. So, IF they catch the perpetrators you will have effectively sacrificed American citizens to catch criminals.


  20. Saddam and Hitler says:

    Great call. We liked our citizen unarmed also!! Sheep are easier to slaughter than wolves 😉

  21. Doug says:

    Sporting purposes is not in the Constitution. “Shall not be infringed” is.

  22. Dietrich says:

    The ammount of ammunition a shotgun, or any other type for that matter, can carry has nothing to do with it it’s purpose. single shot break open action rifles were “military” rifles at one point. The end user of said weapon defines it’s purpose be it, sporting, hunting, criminal, defensive, etc…

  23. Ben butler says:

    92% of firearm related murder and crime is committed with less than 10 rounds of ammunition. 59% of these is in the caliber of 9mm. The men that committed these crime could have just as easily committed them with a bow And arrow. Please understand as the professionals that you are, putting a ban on weapons will not make crime rates drop. Bad men/women will always find ways to do their bad deeds. It has been happening for centuries. Society is degrading within its own shell, therefore crime rate will increase no matter what any Government tries to implement. The best control measure to mitigate violent crimes is to have law abiding citizens TRAINED and Liscensed to carry concealed firearms in order to stop the violent crime in its tracks. Please do not violate our rights and infringe on our ability to purchase the firearms we desire. I promise 99% of us are upright law abiding citizens. Thank you for taking Time to read. -Ben

  24. Ryan says:

    How does limiting our defenses help the public in any way? It doesn’t! But somehow you guys get the idea that by taking away my rights to use viable home defense option to protect my family will suddenly make for a safer tomorrow?! You guys should have to be able to actually think before you can join the ATF because then you would understand that the only person you are limiting with this law is the responsible gun owners and indeed are hurting them in the process. Evil will continue to do harm to good people and by creating these bullsh*t laws all your doing is making Evil’s job easier.

  25. Matthew De Armoun says:

    Here’s a thought – I don’t *have* to have a “sporting purpose”, or even a need at all. It’s enough that I have a right, which is codified in The Constitution of the United States of America (truly an amazing document, perhaps you’ve heard of it).

    What I own, what I enjoy, or how I choose to prepare for an emergent situation, no matter how remote the possibility of occurrence, is none of your business.

  26. David says:

    Hello, As a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor ,I feel this want a be ban on Shotguns or any other firearms is NOT smart. Back when the Clinton ban was over the Federal Goverment made LOTS more money because the increase of firearms sales. The manufacture is taxed on sales and so are the employees. Then the distubutors that get there guns from the manufacture are taxed and so are there employees. Then the dealer is taxed with it’s employees and then the people or buyers are taxed for the sale of the firearms. So it’s a win-win for the federal goverment. Beside the people of the United States of America have the right to defend there selfs. Look what happened in other countries when there firearms where taken away….There was NO place to run and hide from the bad guys. So if you start trying to ban this and ban that and people don’t have a way to defend themselfs your just asking for trouble. Once the terrorist know that we are opening ourselfs for attack. Keep it free. Thanks for your time,David

  27. Steve Miller says:

    No! The ATF (government/government agency) should not be taking the weapons of those that obey the law. Making new laws that remove the rights of Americans is clearly wrong to this retired Marine. One of the best ways to control millions of people is to remove their ability to defend themselves. Tell me….as Americans is that what you want for this country. Is that what this once truly free nation is going to become……controlled? That said, if you have been given an order there are only two options. Obey the order, or do not obey and stand to lose your job. But what if ATF as a whole said NO to the federal government, its not like they they can do without you, and we the people would stand behind and beside you. Steve Miller

  28. Billy Cassy says:

    Leave our Rights and guns alone the constitution doesnt say change at your leisure or discretion it says shall not be infringed this meant by the government that you shall not infringe

  29. JimObrian says:

    Hey ATF Wake Up! The people will hold you responsible for all damages up to and including treason, Governmental abuse of power, Constitutional rights violations, Inciting a riot, Personal injuries, Professional negligence as well as the potential for additional charges that may stem from illegal or unconstitutional acts performed by your agency. Do not forget you took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by both foreign and domestic. ATF, please be aware that you now have the duty to prosecute ATF agents who would try to make a Constitutional Amendment changes, which is outside of the law and your scope of power and without national referendum or approval of Congress. This is clearly domestic terrorism against the people of the United States and the people would like to prosecute. We demand that you bring these agents to justice.

  30. I don’t understand why this is needed if you are a criminal and a felon you cant legally own a fire arm any so I understand. And if this law came to pass it wont stop criminals from using guns illegally. It would just prevent honest decent citizens of this country from enjoying there right to own guns to hunt and use them for target or sport hunting legally. also the constitution states in the Second amendment that.
    Amendment II

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, ( the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.)

    to get rid of the constitution you need to amend the constitution this takes the following

    The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures

    everyone against this needs to write there governers , senators and congressman.

    im not a lawyer but I don’t thank any agency can do this becoause it is not constitutional.

    god bless america

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