Things My Grandpa Taught Me: Work

By  Mike Bauman  –

There are some things my grandpa taught me that seem to be missing from some of our kids’ education these days.

Here’s what he said about work:

1)      Be on time.  If you’re going to take the job, make sure you’re there when you’re supposed to be.

2)      Don’t Gripe.  If you’re willing to cash the paycheck, you’re agreeing to do the work the way they want you to do it.  If all you want to do is gripe and complain, stop taking the paychecks.

3)      Work hard.  Get as much done as you can.  Don’t be lazy and don’t expect the other guy to take up your slack.  You do as much as you can do.  Don’t worry about what your co-workers are doing.  Focus on your job.

4)      Do it right.  Be meticulous about making sure the work you do is quality.  You should be proud to show what you’ve done. 

5)      A job worth doing is worth doing right.  It doesn’t matter what job you’re doing, whether it’s bucking bales or punching buttons, if you’re going to take the job, you’ve got to do your best.

For some, these rules seem like common sense.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they seemed like common sense for everyone?

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