Local man “carries his cross for Jesus”

Story and photo

by Jack Minor


A local man has a unique way of showing people Christ’s love for them.  He carries a cross around Greeley.

 Charlie Jones says he has been carrying the cross around for 5 years. This past Sunday, for Easter, he was carrying the cross around Bittersweet Park. Jones, a former pastor, mentioned to his members he had been praying about having a cross for over 10 years. They said, “Pastor, you’ll have it in 7 days.”

 Charlie said he has carried the cross around the city since 2006, weather permitting. He hopes to carry it down Highway 34 in the next few weeks. He said when he began carrying it, God gave him two words. “‘Pure Ministry,” if I don’t see anybody to talk to, I don’t have to. It just reminds people of the love of God.”

 Jones said this was a special Easter for him because for the first time Easter fell on his birthday. “I’m definitely going to carry the cross for sure today.”

 He currently attends Freedom Ministries which meets at the Union Colony Preparatory School at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. The church held an Easter fellowship BBQ that was open to the public. Pastor Troy Henry said they have park events like this to get out among the people and share God’s love. During the event they wear T-Shirts that say, “Need Prayer?”  The members walk through the parks and pray for individuals needing prayer. Henry said they hope to expand the events to local grocery stores and other areas.

 Henry said their ministry is unique in that it is very outreach minded and “cool and relevant” while being filled with the Holy Spirit. The church provides an opportunity for members to go out every Saturday and reach the community with the gospel.

 Those with questions about the church can view the website at: www.FreedomMinistriesColorado.com


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