Brett Reese statement regarding censure

“Any action, including censure, without any supporting evidence should be used as toilet paper. In my campaign I promised to make a stand for change in this failing district. I can’t change anything with a lone vote. I’ve wrestled with the pigs, but I need more than one vote to help our teachers and students and to sweep the room clean of  heavy-handed administrators. November is coming.”

Brett Reese

Brett Reese, as an individual not as a school board member, will be holding a town hall meeting for residents of Greeley/Evans District 6 on May 28th at 11:00 am at the Farr Library 1939 61st Avenue Greeley, CO 80634.  Residents are encouraged to bring questions or concerns to the meeting.  The media is also encouraged to attend.

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5 Responses to Brett Reese statement regarding censure

  1. heyjude says:


  2. jack says:

    I’m not a big Brett Reese fan but it is clear that the censure took place without any due process. He may be guilty but for this school board to lynch Reese without a public hearing is what one would expect from the D6 Board.

    Lets distract from the D6 problems.

    I will be there to support the finding of truth and to show the board they bite :)

  3. Bah says:

    Jack, Brett avoided due process by not talking with the board prez about it. Legally, there is protection for the supposed victim, and Brett doesn’t get that all conversations on the topic have to be done within privacy framework. Had he attended a closed session Monday or Wednesday, he’d have had his due process. He created his own problem.

  4. susiewtg says:

    @ Bah- Even if it were true that all conversations have to be done in private (it s not true btw-they could have discussed the charges and evidence in public as Reese requested WITHOUT identifying the teacher) the board still could have discussed the alcohol charge and the evidence in public. As the accused, Reese has the right by state statute to request an open hearing instead of and executive session. The board did not want an open hearing because they knew there was no evidence to support their claims. If I were Reese, I would sue the bejeezuz out of this district for slander (“under the influence” without any evidence-how fast would a cop lose his job for such a claim) and each board member individually. At some point these elite snobs have to learn they can’t just ride roughshod over anyone that doesn’t bow down to them

  5. Angelique from Holland NL says:

    I really can not believe what is happening here.
    A woman shows her weddingring to a collegue and he touches her finger and she calles this sexual harrasment????

    Really when I hear all these things that are sooooooo tiny … in other words there are far greater REAL problems in this world AND in the School distric so I’ve heard.

    I think -being from Europe- only in the USA and I mean this NOT in a positive way.

    I must say I do like the USA for having a holliday … but when I see little things blown up this way …
    no I just would not want to live in such a sociaty in which people are so hard on each other.
    Trying to put some one out of the schoolboard on such a visious and dirty method to do it.

    One only has to suggest something and others will think where there is smoke there must be a fire

    I’ve followed this story and read the Greeley newspaper ….. Oooo this is not real journalism at all
    And than I am saying this nicely

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