Domain Name phishing against Pirate and Greeley Gazette

Editor’s note: When this story was first posted, the websites and  linked to the official KKK website. These websites are now forwarding to Black in America which is a “social network for socially conscious African Americans.”

For the record Brett Reese and or any management of the Greeley Gazette and Pirate Radio 104.7 FM in Greeley, Colorado are not connected in any way shape or form to or or the vile racist propaganda they auto forward visitors to.

Our investigation has revealed that these two domains are both hosted on Go Daddy servers and are in no way shape or form representative of the values and beliefs of the real sites:   and

Further, our investigation revealed that these sites were purchased in Feb of 2011 directly after a public altercation with a prominent member of the Greeley Community (who will remain nameless at this point).

The “Greeley Gazette” and radio station “Pirate 104.7 FM; the Pirate” are seeking all legal recourse under US Law.

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