How many genders are there for people? School says “many”

Rddwood Heights Elementary

by Jack Minor


At a time when the government says 82 percent of all public schools are failing, a California elementary school has found time to teach students that there are more than two genders of people.


The Redwood Heights Elementary school taught students that humans have multiple genders besides male and female, using examples from nature such as asexual geckos and fish that change gender.


The lesson which was given to 4th and 5th graders at the school, used handouts provided by Gender Spectrum. The organizations states on its web site that their goals are to teach students “how society currently defines gender and how these restrictive definitions can be detrimental” and helps “remove the obstacles so all are free to be their authentic selves.”


One of the handouts titled “Discussing Gender” suggests that teachers “introduce the notion of ‘boy, girl, both, or neither’ as a regular way to talk to people.”


Gender Spectrum also advises advocating for gender neutral bathrooms, which would enable boys to use the girls restroom and vice versa. They state that having gender neutral bathrooms is a matter of life and death for those who are not sure what gender they are.


Kevin Snider, an attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute told the Gazette the idea of a boy being able to choose to enter a girl’s locker room on a whim is foolish “If the entire boy’s varsity baseball team were to demand to use the women’s locker rooms saying they self-identify as girls, this would go away overnight.” Snider noted that by saying gender expression is not tied to physical characteristics there is nothing that would prevent abusing the policy.


Colorado has similar policies towards men using women’s restrooms. SB200 signed by former governor Bill Ritter defines sexual orientation as “a person’s orientation toward heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender status, or another person’s perception thereof.”


The bill states it is “unlawful” to deny the use of a “place of public accommodation” to a person based on the definition of sexual orientation. “Public accommodation” according to the bill includes women’s locker and dressing rooms.


Another suggestion says to “ask adults around you what, if any, pronoun they would like you to use.” It goes on to say “Try asking that of everyone you know”.


In a handout for parents, the organization advocates teaching children about transgender issues in pre-school saying “children have a strong sense of their own gender identity by three or four years old” and that “no child is to young to grasp the natural fluidity of gender.” Children are also taught that “gender is not inherently nor solely connected to one’s physical anatomy.”


Principal Sara Stone defended the lessons as being necessary to prevent bullying, saying “If we don’t have a safe, nurturing environment, it’s going to be hard to learn.”


The reasoning for the training, according to the school district, was to prevent bullying. Snider disputes that saying, “If you look at the training there is nothing about anti-bullying in it.” He went on to say “we do not believe a child should be bullied for any reason, but we don’t see the connection between saying there is more than one gender and bullying.”


“I am afraid teaching kindergarten and other elementary school children this could become the new normal in California.” Snider continued “This is nothing but indoctrination. They brought it in because they could, not because it is required.”






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9 Responses to How many genders are there for people? School says “many”

  1. The Magic M says:

    Yup, Jesus told us to hate everything that’s different, didn’t he?

  2. Truth says:

    @ The Magic M

    If the school would allow a Bible lesson about Jesus and his teachings, or school prayer, your comment might have some intelectual meaning. But since this is not the case the school principal and you are babbling without merit.
    Just another lame example of liberal ideology infecting our schools.

  3. Jason says:

    Preach it Magic M. So what if you like to do children? So what if you have a fetish for various animals? If that’s an expression of yourself, Jesus would embrace it. If a guy wants to have multiple wives, so what? It’s consenting adults.

    Ultimately you should be able to do whatever you want to do. Your truth is your truth. Anybody who tries to inflict their morality on you is a bigot or a hater. Jesus loves all of us, no matter what we do with ourselves. After all, he made us like this, didn’t he?

  4. Z says:

    @Magic M: Jesus told us to hate lies, like the kind of teaching mentioned in the article that distorts the truth and misleads children.

  5. Kim says:

    This liberal-gender-identity-crisis solution to neutralize gender is just ridiculous.

    Do a DNA test.
    If it’s XX – you’re a girl.
    If it’s XY – you’re a guy.
    Simple as that.

    Yes, there are gene mutations, but that’s what they are….chromosome mutations; not the norm or liberty for humans to choose whatever they want to be.

    I can just see it now…….a large man purporting to be gender-neutral or ‘really a woman in a man’s body’ uses the women’s restroom, only to one day molest and/or rape a young girl, then leave for dead when no one else was around to help her. WHY SHOULD WE WAIT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN?????

    This is what liberal thinking/ideology does and we shouldn’t stand for it!

  6. Truth says:

    @ Jason

    You speak of morality, truth, and Jesus as if pretending that you know what you are talking about, but sadly you are clueless. It’s plain to see that you got your morality mixed with your impurities, your truth mixed with your lies, and Jesus mixed up with your devil.
    So here is a short lesson for your immoral warped criminal mind:
    Jesus and the bible teaches us about right from wrong, to control our immoral impulses, transgressions, and reprehensible behaviors. To some extent we are all sinners. God gave us a brain with a conscious that allows us the freedom to choose between right form wrong. If you believe that God and Jesus love and embrace all sinners who choose to habitually indulge in sinfulness and wickedness, i.e. doing/raping children, or having sex with animals, because as you put it ‘”its an expression of yourself”, and because
    ” you should be able to do whatever you want”, YOUR DEAD WRONG!!! YOUR TRUTH IS YOUR LIE!!! YOU’VE BEEN DECEIVED BY THE DEVIL!!! THERE IS A HELL FOR A REASON!!!
    Furtunately the Bible gives a viable better choice for those of us who choose to transgress from moral conduct. God forgives those who genuinely feel sorry and ask for forgivness for their sinful acts, and most importantly repent. So as you put it, yes we can do whatever we want. Those choices will lead us to either heaven or hell. YOU CHOOSE WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT!!!

  7. The Magic M says:

    > only to one day molest and/or rape a young girl

    And why shouldn’t a heterosexual manly male man not be able to do the same? That’s a straw man argument.

    > Jesus told us to hate lies, like the kind of teaching mentioned in the article that distorts the truth and misleads children.

    Which doesn’t take away from the fact that you and your ilk simply “hate fags”. You’re a bigot if you claim to honour Jesus’ teachings while at the same time holding feelings of hatred for those who are “different” from you.

  8. Kim says:

    “And why shouldn’t a heterosexual manly male man not be able to do the same? That’s a straw man argument.”

    – ummmm… was about a heterosexual “manly” man. Read before counter-arguing please.

    To “hate lies” does NOT equal “hate fags”.

    STOP victimizing the gay community.

    STOP calling people “bigot” just because their ilk believe the gay lifestyle is not acceptable.

    STOP being hypocritical by throwing around the word ‘tolerance’, when you can’t accept another person’s religious beliefs.

    STOP using parts of the Bible for your convenience/arguments if you can’t accept the WHOLE Book. (This goes for people call themselves Christians too.)

  9. z says:

    @The Magic M… Hahhaa… I don’t think I ever called anyone a name here so I wouldn’t call that hate. I have no feeling of hate towards anyone. You call me a bigot and a hater simply because I stated the facts and expressed my opinion? I certainly feel the hate from you and your camp. C’mon, Magic, stop contradicting yourself, stop hating, stop calling people with opinions different from yours names, and just deal with the facts. Learn logic and reason, debate with reason instead of loaded phrases, and learn the true meaning of love and tolerance.

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